100 things to do this summer

1. Throw a water balloon
2. Lay on a blanket at night and stare at the stars
3. Blow bubbles
4. Host a car wash
5. Play with sidewalk chalk
6. Do your own fireworks
7. Go to a drive in movie
8. Play Frisbee
9. Hula hoop
10. Visit a water park
11. Collect flat rocks and skip them
12. Take a long (or mini) road trip
13. Make art outside/have an art picnic
14. Run through a sprinkler
15. Make sand angels on the beach
16. Swing at a playground
17. Paint rocks
18. Kayak the Milwaukee River 
19. Swim in a pool
20. Make the most colorful fruit salad (or kabobs) you can
21. Feed ducks
22. Ride a Merry-Go-Round
23. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
24. Eat a snowcone
25. Make a root beer float
26. Watch lightning bugs
27. Visit the batting cages
28. Collect seashells
29. Make a play castle/fort out of boxes
30. Decorate your bike and go for a ride

31. Visit hiking trails
32. Go down a slip ‘n’ slide
33. Rent a donut boat
34. Try face painting
35. Freeze novelty ice cubes
36. Taste test Leons/Kopps/Gilles Custard
37. Build a sun dial
38. Play miniature golf
39. Build a sandcastle
40. Buy something from an ice cream truck
41. Go geocaching
42. Drive with the windows down and the music up
43. Explore the Riverwalk 
44. Roll down a hill
45. Pick some wildflower

46. Have a paper airplane contest
47. Catch frogs and let them go
48. Organize a park clean up
49. Make tie-dye shirts
50. Go roller skating
51. Volunteer to walk dogs at a shelter
52. Have a barbecue
53. Eat at a food truck 
54. Play hopscotch
55. Operate a lemonade stand
56. Go camping
57. Swim in a fountain
58. Have a mud fight
59. Go to the zoo
60. Paint sidewalk with water
61. Dance in the rain
62. Have a backyard concert

63. Have a photoshoot
64. Cut your hair short
65. Make bracelets 
66. Blow up giant colorful pool inflatables
67. Play flashlight tag
68. Ride on a speed boat
69. Soak up the sun
70. Go tubing down a river
71. Ride a horse
72. Paint an old piece of furniture
73. Have a nature scavenger hunt
74. Go on vacation
75. Eat at a drive-in with waiters on roller skates
76. Have a bon fire and tell ghost stories
77. Pick up drive-thru Cream Puffs 
78. Get a (henna) tattoo
79. Take pictures with an underwater camera
80. Pick berries (and make sure they’re edible)
81. Visit a butterfly garden
82. Jump on a trampoline
83. Try take out from someplace new
84. Go fishing 
85. Stuff your face with cotton candy
86. Buy fresh produce from a roadside stand
87. Have a sleepover
88. Go social-media free for a whole week
89. Paint your toes
90. Make giant bubble wands out of pipe cleaners
91. Stick pinwheels in your front yard
92. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
93. Go paint balling
94. Have a cocktail from a coconut
95. Buy glamorous sunglasses
96. Make a summer playlist
97. Have a sword fight with foam swords or cardboard tubes
98. Make a paper sailboat
99. Create a fairy garden
100. Fill a piñata and wack it down