One of the things Milwaukee area residents take pride in is our large amount of unique, family-owned restaurants and shops; and one of those special places is Aggie’s Bakery — an amazing local establishment that’s been wowing customers since 1977 with an original buttercream frosting recipe makes them the perfect place to curb your sweet tooth.


Using original family recipes, Aggie’s continues to craft delicious pastries and cakes from scratch at a reasonable price. The team only uses the highest quality ingredients, recipes and baking practices, giving them a five star rating. Rachel Schmidbauer is the Pastry Chef and owner, and she was able to offer some more insight on the family business:


What is Aggie’s?
Aggie’s is a family owned business that has been “baking delicious” since 1977. The owners of Baked Custom Desserts, formerly located inside of Peter Sciortinos Bakery, purchased the bakery earlier this year after Aggie’s well-earned retirement. The new owners, Rachel Schmidbauer, Beth Leffler and Phil Bergold, are working to merge the two business and add to Aggie’s already amazing menu.


Does the whole family still work together at the bakery?
Four sisters and a brother-in-law currently work and manage the bakery (Rachel Schmidbauer, Beth Leffler, Meg Loomis and Amy & Gordie Hess). Phil Bergold is a long-time family friend and business partner.


Is there a part in the baking process that you specialize in?
Aggie’s and Baked have been known for years as high quality bakeries that specialize in cakes, assorted baked goods and desserts.



What range of goods do you sell?
We have a thriving cake and wedding business as well as a wide array of quality baked goods both in our store and available for on-line order. Elephant ears, old style coffee cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars, and many other delicious goodies.


What are some of your most popular items?
Cakes, wedding cakes, a wide array of large cupcakes, elephant ears, coffee cakes and Ding Dongs.


What is your favorite thing to make?
Wedding Cakes. I get such joy out of the process and from creating something beautiful that a bride and groom and are happy to share with friends and family.


Do you have anything special or spooky planned for this fall?
Aggie’s plans on stocking the case with several fall related desserts including a Pumpkin Cupcake of the Week (9/23-28) as well as Pumpkin Bars & Breads, Apple & Cinnamon Crumb Cakes as well as Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Cappuccinos as we have a full Stone Creek Coffee bar inside the store.


What is your favorite activity outside of baking?
Owning a bakery does not leave much time for activity outside baking. I appreciate any time off with friends and family socializing around Milwaukee.


What is your go to drink?
My go to cocktail is a Vodka Red Bull and my go to Coffee Drink is a Vanilla Latte from Aggie’s.


What are you planning to make for Cupcakes and Cocktails?
● Bullet Bourbon: Chocolate Truffle Cupcake
○ Chocolate Cupcake with chocolate buttercream topped with chocolate curls
● Smirnoff Carmel and Cider: Salty Dog Cupcake
○ White cupcake with Carmel buttercream topped with a Carmel drizzle, sea salt and salted pecan
● Daiquiri: Strawberry Lemonade
○ Lemon cupcake with strawberry cream cheese and whipped cream icing topped with fresh strawberry
● Bacardi Lime Mojito: Fresh Mint Cupcake
○ White cupcake with light mint buttercream topped with fresh mint leaf


Any new products coming out soon you’d like announce?
Aggie’s will be introducing a new high-end line, Aggie’s Top Shelf, in the next few months. It will include a full line of Tortes and cupcakes made with alternate buttercreams and fillings.


Do you deliver?
Aggie’s bakery does deliver to all of Milwaukee county and parts of Waukesha.


If you’re looking for a wedding cake, an order for a special party, or just want a little sweet for yourself, Aggie’s has you covered. Check them our for yourself at



Don’t miss them at B93.3 Cupcakes and Cocktails, this Sunday, September 29th from 1-4pm at The Cooperage/Boone & Crockett.



— Nadia Hazimeh