Father’s Day will be here quick! You could go for the tie, golf balls, or a book but you dad is a WISCONSIN dad!! Treat him like one.

1. Cheese Curds — Simple. Classic. You know he wants them.  How about this buffalo kind? Well not this one specifically…it expired in 2015.  Or is has it just matured? 

2. Meat– any meat will do but this is your DAD! Why not go all out with something fancy? Our recommendation: Lake Geneva Country Meats


3. Shoes- Dad’s walking all summer.  Either pacing the field at the kids soccer game, with tots on the shoulders at Summerfest, or an actual stroll on Bradford Beach- something comfy and stylish (for mom’s sake) these are made in Wisconsin! 

4. Packer Season Tickets: Just in case you have a few thousand dollars laying around. 

5. Cabin Rental Up North: No farther north…keep going…no not yet….you found it!

6. Boat Ride: Sail boat, cruise boat, paddle boat…but we think dad might like the paddle tavern boat most of all. 

7. Beer! Sort of a no brainer but, with so many options right dad’s backyard how do you chose? Build your own 6 pack is the way to go!  Include some of the limited editions that cost a couple bucks more to show dad you care…about his taste buds. 

8. A coaster for him to put his ice cold beer on without getting in trouble from mom! — Plus points for being cool Milwaukee coasters from The Wax Wing.

9. Soap! Riiiiiiiiiight like dad wants soap.  He does. Because this, is beer soap.