Little Monsters
2445 N Farwell Avenue
(414) 964-2323

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Children\’s boutique. Clothing, toys, accessories and more! Infants up to size 10 that has been in business for almost 10 years!


Andie Zacher, owner:

Somehow, I stumbled into the kids business. I\’ve been doing this for over 25 years! I started years ago at a store called Just Kidding in Whitefish Bay, and then ended up at Boutique Bebe on Downer Avenue. I worked there for for over 10 years, for both the original owner, Barbara Hussussian, and the second owner, Billie Kubly. When Billie decided to close the store, my husband talked me into opening my own place, that\’s how it happened!



I always loved working at Boutique Bebe, but I knew that a lot of people thought it was high end, and therefore, kept a lot of potential customers from coming to the store. My whole intention from the start with Little Monsters was to make it accessible for everyone. I brought down the price point on the clothing, but I think I still manage to keep the clothes special and unique. I brought in the toys and accessories…books, the candy, and everything else, to keep the store lighthearted and accessible for every type of person, from all walks of life. I never want the store to feel elitist, and I want to put a smile on peoples faces…especially the kids! 



I think people should visit because it can be a nice escape not only to look at beautiful and unusual things, but I also have a lot of throwback, vintage or old-school items that are fun to reminisce about. It\’s a nice escape, and we can all use an escape now and then… especially these days!