This Is How Much Your Pet ACTUALLY Costs

This Is How Much Your Pet ACTUALLY Costs

A survey finds that we grossly underestimate the tens of thousands of dollars our pets cost us.

According to a survey of pet owners (by Britain’s People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals), 12% of respondents thought the lifetime cost of their pet would be $644, while a majority put the cap at $6,445.

The real numbers for your beloved pooch? Anywhere between $27,074 and $42,545, depending on the breed. That includes buying your dog, food, toys, grooming, and basic but not catastrophic vet care.

As for a cat? ¬† Things only get slightly better: Factoring in the addition of kitty litter, you’re talking $21,917 to $30,942.

Want to downsize to a rabbit? That’ll be $12,893.

If you’re left feeling like you want to spend more, well, consider getting pet insurance. At around $25 a month, ¬†that can mean thousands more.

The silver lining, of course, isn’t financial: 93% of us say our pets make us happier.