How To Manage Your Dog Hating Fireworks

How To Manage Your Dog Hating Fireworks

Some dogs hate fireworks.  Think about it, they have no idea what’s going on, so it has to be pretty scary.  For many dogs, these loud noises trigger fear and anxiety similar to a panic attack.

At least one in three dogs suffer from noise aversion, which can leave dog owners and their families feeling helpless during summer fireworks.

These steps can help:

• Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise

• Stay close by, because pets find it soothing to have their people next to them.

• Keep them inside and windows and doors closed.  Dogs prefer small and closed-in areas when they are frightened. If they sleep in a crate, this is a good option.

• Give them something fun to do during the main event like play with a treat-filled Kong ball or their favorite toy.

• Use sound therapy, like the “Through a Dog’s Ear” CDs.  It’s specifically designed to reduce canine anxiety. Play the music before fireworks starts to get them in a calm frame of reference.

• Suit them up. The Thundershirt, a snug garment that works like swaddling a baby, is a great option for some animals.

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